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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creating a 5-day study plan

I had to briefly decribe a five day study plan 150-200 words.  Below you will find my five day study plan.

A 5 day study plan

A five day study plan can be effective by preparing schedules of my daily activities. I would start by blocking off the eight hour that I work a day. Blocking off the time that I usually go to bed and then filling in the 5 hours that I have left. I believe having a well workout schedule can help me stay on track as long as I have the discipline to stick to the plan. It would benefit me by making sure that my assignment and my personal life is at least a little in order. I believe when in front of you on paper then I realize I don’t have as much time as I do. I always make the mistake of thinking I have enough time or its want take as long to do this or that. I think when it mentally thought it not as accurate as it is on paper. I have found out that I have at least two a night for studying exam or doing assignment.

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